Aims of the environment  project camp:

Promote and develop  the  awareness  of  children and youth  about nature and the environment, to develop their individual skills  and explore the Daugava river in the region of Lielvārde.


To provide  educational environment for developing  children's creativity and positive communication skills and also social, emotional and cognitive functioning through environmental research by exploring the river.

To develop children's abilitiy to work together - individually, in pairs and in groups, to be tolerant, responsible and friendly, to provide emotional and psychological support through environmental cognition skills and abilities through river research using  the biological method.

 To create a positive atmosphere and promote a healthy lifestyle and respect for the child's self-actualization and self-development through environmental research and protection skills & abilities.

 To develop children and young adults skills of co-operation in environmental tourism and cognitive skills and abilities in environmental research and promoting healty lifestyle.


1, Because of the increasing pollution, water becomes dirtier, and therefore unsuitable for many aquatic life forms.

2  only a few species of organisms can be found in polluted waters, although the number may be large.

3 children and young people can contribute to solving environmental problems by  determining the purity of the river Daugava, with what encouraging environment tidiness.

Activities within the framework - environmental training in Lielvardes region (  exploring 4 rivers in the region ), and a learning tour to Salacas Valley Nature Park.

The activites of the camp participants – lessons, tours, meals are paid from Project funding.

Linda Skābene